Construction Cost Estimating and Project Data Analytics

Using Cost Data to Reduce Risk and Increase Profitable Project Outcomes

Our Clients are Small Specialty Subcontractors in the Civil and Heavy Highway Industry

Areas of Practice

Construction Project Controls & Contract Administration

We have managed numerous phases of the construction process from planning, engineering, design through construction completion, including construction estimating, cost management, project CPM scheduling, change order management, project work inspection, DBE contract compliance and administration, owner’s representative, and job cost development.

Construction Data Analytics and Consulting

We specialize in assisting small firms in increasing their profitability by implementing a more efficient management process of company assets and liabilities, and a more strategic approach to increase valuation. Using your captured construction financial data (Money, Market, Management, Manpower, Machines, and Culture) we measure and examine the operational efficiency of your company. We then use this data analysis to improve your performance, reduce risk, and market your competitive advantage.

Templates & Assembly Cost Models for Construction Estimating & Bidding

Would you like an Excel-based Bid-Estimate Spreadsheet developed specially for your business? We specialize in developing Excel spreadsheets tailored to your business needs. We take time to understand your requirements. We can develop and program Excel to perform tasks at the click of a button or triggered by an event, within seconds; to significantly reduce or eliminate manual inputting.

Visit our webpage for estimating template examples.

Read more about our book, “How To Estimate Road Construction Accurately”.

Business Advisory Services based on the 5-Bs of Project-Based Companies

Our management consulting services is for new or experienced project-based businesses (such as Architecture, Engineering & Construction) looking to take their business to the next level through simple, yet critical business fundamentals!

Our process will help leverage and propel a small business to become more competitive in their market.

Areas of Advising: ·Business Development (Marketing/ Relationships) ·Bidding (Proposal Development) ·Building (Project Execution/ Human Capital) ·Billing (Job Cost Accounting/ Financial management) Banking (Cash Flow/Wealth Building)

We call this process, The 5’Bs of Project-Based Business. The desired result is for businesses’ to think about; Standardizing, Integrating, Systemizing their internal processes and data.

Click here to read more about our 5’Bs of Project-Based Companies Workshop.

Workshops and Custom On-site Training

We perform various supportive assignments for clients to improve project operations and implement industry’s best practices. We assist clients in knowing, understanding and controlling their costs effectively to improve project profits. Contact us to inquire about our customized in-house workshop presentations at your office or other mutually convenient location.